Moments La Coop

Photo credits: La Fabrique culturelle, Culture pour tous and Ville de Val-Morin.

The #MomentsLaCoop of the La Coop fédérée are featuring original group creative activities across the province. Regardless of the artistic discipline, there is something magical about group artworks. For participants, they create feelings of belonging and pride.

If you’re looking for ideas, here are a few suggestions:

  • A group installation created with professional artists in a daycare centre;
  • Visit to a workshop and creation of a group mosaic;
  • Participatory choreography performed outdoors;
  • A Cercle de Fermières (group of farm women) invite people to a quilting bee where they put together a gigantic quilt;
  • Creation of a sculpture by an artist using materials brought by members of the public;
  • Professional and amateur musicians perform together as an orchestra for one day.