These General Terms and Conditions apply to every individual who takes part in the event or movement, and specify how the information supplied by Journées de la culture shall be used. Journées de la culture reserves the right to modify these General Terms and Conditions at any time by publishing any such modifications online, on its website. Your continued use of this site or participation in Journées de la culture after the publication of such modifications will be deemed as your acceptance of the updated terms and conditions.

Should any discrepancies exist between these General Terms and Conditions and more specific rules or conditions published elsewhere on this website, the latter will take precedence.

These General Terms and Conditions as well as their interpretation are subject to the laws of Canada. All disputes shall be conferred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Canada.


Journées de la culture collects personal information voluntarily supplied by the individuals, for instance when organizers register their activities or when citizens subscribe to the email or text message newsletters. Journées de la culture uses HPJCC’s mass emailing system ( to manage its electronic newsletter service, and Google Analytics to view and analyse its site’s traffic.

The term “personal information” does not pertain to blogs, comments posted by Internet users on the website, nor the contact information related to the activities supplied by the organizers in their activity descriptions.

The personal information supplied to Journées de la culture will never be sold. The personal information collected is used by the staff and suppliers of Journées de la culture, and may be disclosed to contributors such as employees, volunteers, hosting organizations, partners and others to facilitate the the management and development of the Journées de la culture event and movement.

Limitation of liability

Journées de la culture and its partners will not assume any liability, legal or of any other nature, in the event of injury, loss or damage that the members of the public, organizers, volunteers or any other person or group could sustain, either as a result of using this website or of any activity scheduled and presented as part of Journées de la culture.

Activity organizers, site or festival operators, promoters, travel services, municipalities and any other coordinators or managers may, should they desire and assume the expense, ask for professional guidance regarding liability insurance coverage for their activity or event.

Activity submission

Submitting an artistic or cultural activity for the Journées de la culture programme is entirely free of charge. The activities must be made available free of charge to the public, during the designated time period, and must promote interaction and engagement with the artists.

By registering an activity for Journées de la culture, you agree to the following conditions:
  • Supply a description of your activities and update it as needed in order to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the information posted online.
  • Use the Journées de la culture logo in your marketing and promotion activities while adhering to the graphics standards (you can download the logo and standards guide from the website). Journées de la culture posters and marketing materials are also available to you. We strongly recommend using them to promote your activity.
  • Fill out the evaluation that includes the following information: number of participants in your activity, photographs and anecdotes/statements (if possible) as well as your own comments on the event and movement as whole.

Website terms of use

As a user of the website, you understand and agree to abide by the following:
  • You agree to use this site for lawful purposes exclusively, and in a manner such as not to contravene or limit the rights of anyone, or to hinder the use and enjoyment by anyone of this website.
  • The information posted on the site may be copied, reproduced, republished, downloaded, displayed or distributed in order to help promote Journées de la culture and create momentum for the event, provided the source is mentioned (Journées de la culture). If possible, please redirect your visitors to the Journées de la culture website via a hyperlink. In all other cases and for any other uses, you must first obtain written approval from Journées de la culture.
  • You are liable for your own actions and to make the appropriate authorization requests, particularly for the rights to use or submit material protected by copyright and intellectual property laws including, among others, with respect to the use or publication of video documents on this site.
  • All communications and materials that you send or display in a public section of the site (among others, data, questions, comments, suggestions and others) will be considered non-confidential information not subjected to property law.
  • Content supplied by the public will be posted as-is. We cannot be held liable for any material supplied by users, including the comments, tweets, lists of activities, etc.
  • We will do our best to remove any content found to be racist, pornographic, libellous or illegal. Should you find such content on the website, please contact Journées de la culture via email, and we will take necessary action.
  • Journées de la culture makes no guarantees that the features on its website will be free from errors or remain uninterrupted. Journées de la culture makes no guarantees either that its website or its host server are free from computer viruses or bugs, or that they can account for all of the features, or the accuracy and reliability of the materials supplied.
  • Journées de la culture cannot be held liable in any way for the content of external websites. The fact that Journées de la culture includes hyperlinks to other websites does not in any way mean that Journées de la culture has any control over these sites, or approves or endorses the latter or their content.