The Journées de la culture are three days of admission-free activities open to everyone that promote greater public access to arts and culture. As decreed by the National Assembly, they are held across Quebec every year on the last Friday of September and the following two days.

The three-day event features interactive activities where participants can obtain an inside look at the creative process and the skills involved. These activities are organized by professional artists, artisans and culture workers, business people, teachers and community workers, and municipal and government employees.

To become an organizer, you must design and take complete charge of holding one or more activities. Organizers participate on a voluntary basis. However, bearing in mind the important and essential work that professional artists do, we encourage organizers who engage their services to compensate them fairly. 


By participating in the Journées de la culture:

  • You are taking part in a large-scale movement promoting greater appreciation of and participation in arts and culture;
  • You are contributing to the spread of culture in your community;
  • You can expand your network:

o   Meet new people to work with and reach a new segment of the public;

o   Develop original projects;

  • You benefit from the reputation of the Journées de la culture and the associated media coverage;
  • You can take advantage of various promotional activities and materials:

o   Free promotional material and self-promotion guide;

o   Detailed programming posted online on the event website;

o   Possibility of being included in advertising on social networks.

To participate in the Journées de la culture as an organizer,
follow this link. 

If you have any questions, contact us!

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