Call For Participants

Calling all artists, artisans, culture workers, people working for municipalities, people in the educational community, and business people and employees: start planning for the Journées de la culture now by organizing one or more activities to be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 28−30, 2018.

By participating in an event, you EXPRESS your commitment to arts and culture. THANK YOU for taking part in this broad movement to democratize arts and culture. 

Eligibility criteria :

Activities registered for the programming:
- must be
interactive  and allow participants to take part in the creative process and gain knowledge of what it involves;
- must be carried out by or with professional artists, artisans and/or culture workers;
- must be free for the public.* 

*Organizers participate on a voluntary basis. However, bearing in mind the important and essential work that they do, all professional artists should be compensated fairly by organizers who engage their services.

Theme for 2018: WORDS in all their forms!
If you are planning a group creative activity, it will be part of #MomentsLaCoop.
If your activity ties in with culture and digital technology, register your activity at Bell’s Digital Component.
If you are looking for ideas, consult the ORGANIZER’S GUIDE.

Important dates :

Midnight, Sunday, July 15
Registration deadline for receiving free promotional material (posters, balloons, streamers, etc.) and ordering any additional material.

Wednesday, August 1
Deadline for receipt of your payment for the purchase of additional material. No orders will be sent without receipt of payment.

Midnight, Friday, September 14
Close of registration. No new activities will be accepted after this date.

4:00 pm, Monday, September 24
After this date, you cannot make any changes to your activities.

If you are a new organizer:
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If you are already registered:

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